Miroslav Podborsky (CZE) at Quadrathlon Samorin (SVK) 2014 (c) Monika Kebísková

Hall of Fame: Nation | Women

In the Hall of Fame athletes will be included, who were in World and Intercontinental championships, and in the World Cup in the top three: All results in detail.

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Men1st 1st Places 2nd 2nd Places 3rd 3rd Places Total
Miroslav Podborský Miroslav Podborský 329445
Thoralf Berg Thoralf Berg913628
Ferenc Csima Ferenc Csima 96823
Tomás Svoboda Tomás Svoboda94013
Enrique Peces Enrique Peces84214
Leos Rousavý Leos Rousavý7131434
Stefan Teichert Stefan Teichert691025
Péter Hóbor Péter Hóbor 6129
Gergö Badar Gergö Badar4015
William Peters William Peters3519
Martin Dvorák Martin Dvorák 3306
Daniel Corner Daniel Corner 3003
Nigel Reynolds Nigel Reynolds 3003
Albert Corominas Albert Corominas2215
Lukás Matys Lukás Matys 2057
Michal Hása Michal Hása14510
János Warvasovszki János Warvasovszki 1438
Jan Strangmüller Jan Strangmüller1405
Krzysztof Wolski Krzysztof Wolski1236
Steve King Steve King1113
Andrew Byatt Andrew Byatt 1102
Pedro Bartolomeu Pedro Bartolomeu1102
Steve Clark Steve Clark1034
Mat Stephenson Mat Stephenson1012
Álvaro Sabater Álvaro Sabater1001
Anatolij Nesterov Anatolij Nesterov 1001
Miko?aj Luft Miko?aj Luft1001
Patrick Hausens Patrick Hausens 1001
Rockle Montgomery Rockle Montgomery1001
Jan Kolanda Jan Kolanda 0246
Radan Pazderka Radan Pazderka0246
Laurent Martinou Laurent Martinou0224
Jonathan Monteagudo Jonathan Monteagudo0213
Martin Flinta Martin Flinta0213
Estomba Borja Estomba Borja0202
Jan Soucek Jan Soucek0112
Steffen Burkhardt Steffen Burkhardt0112
Alberto Cebollada Alberto Cebollada0101
Dávid Pélyi Dávid Pélyi0101
Didier Marysael Didier Marysael0101
Gergö Molnar Gergö Molnar0101
Michal Bucek Michal Bucek0101
Milan Oslik Milan Oslik 0101
Piere Marrion Piere Marrion 0101
Roland Scheurer Roland Scheurer 0101
Tom Stead Tom Stead0101
Jozef Ivanko Jozef Ivanko0033
Jan Zima Jan Zima0022
Dan Zacha Dan Zacha 0011
Danny Hallmén Danny Hallmén0011
David Jílek David Jílek 0011
David Kotrc David Kotrc0011
Dietmar Grimoni Dietmar Grimoni 0011
Dominique Sejalon Dominique Sejalon 0011
Glenn Kahmann Glenn Kahmann 0011
Jenz Kulenkamp Jenz Kulenkamp 0011
Josef Feichtinger Josef Feichtinger 0011
Michael Mason Michael Mason0011
Nick Verduyckt Nick Verduyckt0011
Pawe? Miziarski Pawe? Miziarski0011
Phil Westoby Phil Westoby0011
Piotr Rózalski Piotr Rózalski0011
Stefan Rupprecht Stefan Rupprecht 0011
Stefan Wegner Stefan Wegner 0011
Tomas Charvat Tomas Charvat 0011
Trevor MacLean Trevor MacLean0011