Lisa Teichert (GER) at Bergsee Quadrathlon Ratscher (GER) 2017 (c) Andre Ickert

Hall of Fame: Nation | Men

In the Hall of Fame athletes will be included, who were in World and Intercontinental championships, and in the World Cup in the top three: All results in detail.

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Women1st 1st Places 2nd 2nd Places 3rd 3rd Places Total
Lisa Teichert-Hirschfelder Lisa Teichert-Hirschfelder374445
Sárka Skalická-Zimová Sárka Skalická-Zimová 122620
Katrin Burow Katrin Burow78318
Antje Fiebig Antje Fiebig 72413
Andrea Spitzer Andrea Spitzer 6208
Karla Polívková Karla Polívková 56617
Susanne Walter Susanne Walter 55414
Helen Parkinson-Dyke Helen Parkinson-Dyke52310
Kerstin Niclas-Spiegelberg Kerstin Niclas-Spiegelberg 4509
Silke Harenberg Silke Harenberg 44513
Zsofia Perczel Zsofia Perczel 3014
Ellen Mielke Ellen Mielke 24915
Markéta Simecková Markéta Simecková 2125
Hana Švarcová Hana Švarcová2103
Becky Schofield-Robertson Becky Schofield-Robertson2002
Alena Dufková-Charvátova Alena Dufková-Charvátova1449
Monika Rosenmeier Monika Rosenmeier 1225
Fanni Kiss-Bodolai Fanni Kiss-Bodolai1113
Sharon Colley Sharon Colley1102
Zuzana Kocumová Zuzana Kocumová1102
Mireille Tranchand Mireille Tranchand 1012
Diana Tesovicová Diana Tesovicová1001
Eliška Vondrácková Eliška Vondrácková1001
Gail King Gail King1001
Leticia Menendez Leticia Menendez 1001
Susi Pawel Susi Pawel1001
Tracy Bryden Tracy Bryden 1001
Magdalena Koberová Magdalena Koberová07512
Gabrielle Immendorf Gabrielle Immendorf 0415
Anke Trilling Anke Trilling 0314
Undine Weihe Undine Weihe 0314
Kata Balázs Kata Balázs0224
Laura Csima Laura Csima0224
Csilla Sápi Csilla Sápi 0213
Helen Russel Helen Russel0213
Sarah Jellonnek-Jung Sarah Jellonnek-Jung0213
Andrea Hóbor Andrea Hóbor 0202
Laura Jansen Laura Jansen0202
Gabi Menke Gabi Menke0112
Ilona Skálová Ilona Skálová0112
Katerina Pánková Katerina Pánková 0112
Lilla Flander-Horváth Lilla Flander-Horváth0112
Lucy Kareisová Lucy Kareisová 0112
Allison Martin Allison Martin 0101
Bibiána Grolmusová Bibiána Grolmusová0101
Claudia Falkner Claudia Falkner 0101
Claudia Österheld Claudia Österheld 0101
Isabel Hernandez Isabel Hernandez 0101
Kerry Copeland Kerry Copeland 0101
Lilla Kovács Lilla Kovács0101
Mandy Greenaway Mandy Greenaway0101
María Morell María Morell 0101
Natália Paulik Natália Paulik0101
Radka Stýbnarová Radka Stýbnarová0101
Ruth Varona Diaz Ruth Varona Diaz0101
Tereza Adamovská Tereza Adamovská 0101
Wiebke Overbeck Wiebke Overbeck0101
Claudia Ulrich Claudia Ulrich 0022
Franziska Eberhardt Franziska Eberhardt0022
Heike Steininger Heike Steininger 0022
Agnieszka F?ferek Agnieszka F?ferek0011
Alison Stephenson-Deykin Alison Stephenson-Deykin0011
Andrea Kuhlmey Andrea Kuhlmey 0011
Annika Oetjens Annika Oetjens0011
Antje Möller Antje Möller 0011
Barbara Gellrich Barbara Gellrich0011
Bernadett Beda Bernadett Beda 0011
Bernadett Cseke-Nagy Bernadett Cseke-Nagy0011
Claire Moran Claire Moran 0011
Gabriela Lutzova Gabriela Lutzova 0011
Jean Ashley Jean Ashley0011
Jenny Illidge Jenny Illidge0011
Kathrin Steinbock-Eich Kathrin Steinbock-Eich 0011
Kerstin Rümke Kerstin Rümke 0011
Lisa Dunne Lisa Dunne 0011
Martyna Cabaj Martyna Cabaj0011
Romana Siskova Romana Siskova 0011
Sandra Hyslop Sandra Hyslop0011
Sára Magyár Sára Magyár 0011
Simona Micusíková Simona Micusíková 0011
Zoe Betteridge Zoe Betteridge 0011